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About Collectible Cameras

Thank you for visiting the Collectible Cameras web site. I appreciate your visit and your patronage.

It is my on-going goal to provide a superior selection of both collectible and good late-model, usable photographic equipment. This includes all types of cameras, lenses, accessories, darkroom equipment, odds-and-ends, and photographic curiosities. I purchase and sell equipment from all over the world, and have been doing so since 1989.

I bring into my inventory a wide variety of photographic items, almost certainly just the item you're looking for.

From the practical
To the obvious collectible


From the memorable
and still useful


To the fascinating

At Collectible Cameras I appreciate both the collectible and the practical value of the equipment. I believe you do as well, so that's why the photographs in our product catalog are of the actual items offered for sale. I also try to note any observations about the item. I do this because I want you to be happy with your purchase and with the quality and reliability of my service.

Lastly, I think you would appreciate knowing that over 90% of my business is from repeat customers, and nearly 80% of my business is from outside the United States. I think that speaks very well about my business, and I hope that your first visit to my site is the start of a long relationship.

My hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 4 PM. Enjoy your visit to our site and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


The owner of Collectible Cameras.

Ed Panhuise is a graduate of University of Tulsa in 1978 with a BA in History and political Science and a graduate of the School of Modern Photography. He has been a Photo hobbyist since 1968 when he was given his first camera, a Minolta 16P. Ed has been in photo retail since 1978 and has worked as a Professional Photographer with experience in portraiture, product, sport, wedding, scenic, and miniatures photography. He has owned many different brands and models over the years but he has always preferred Pentax and more recently Canon EOS equipment. Ed answers most of the e-mail that Collectible Cameras receives so it is likely that he will answer your correspondence.