Collectible Cameras :: Selling Instructions

Selling Instructions

How to Sell Us Your Photographic Equipment

Collectible Cameras pays competitive prices for used photographic equipment.

Here is how it works:

  1. Gather together all of the equipment you wish to sell.

  2. Please be sure to include all the odd-and-ends too: the instruction manuals, warranty cards, original packaging, lens caps, flash cords, filter cases, unused flash bulbs, etc. These items may increase the collectible value of an item.

  3. For significant items note the following information: make or manufacturer, the model, the serial number (if it has one), and note the condition the item is in.
  4. If possible, you might take a moment to consider how much you would like to get for these items individually or as a collection.

  5. Call us (602.944.2112). Please gather together all of the equipment you wish to sell and have it by the telephone.
  6. We are likely to ask some very specific questions about the equipment, and it will be easier for both of us if you have the items right in front of you.

  7. If you send us an inquiry by email ( or fax (267.381.3960) or completing the online contact form, please include all of the information you have noted above, plus your telephone number and the best time to call.

  8. After we have identified the equipment and heard your description as to their condition, we will let you know what we are willing to pay, pending our inspection.

  9. In some cases, we will pay to ship your items to us.
  10. We would send to you a pre-paid UPS shipping label which you may use to ship the items to us, fully insured for loss or damage (when properly packed). Click here for packing instructions.

  11. Upon our receipt of the items, we will inspect them, contact you, and settle upon a price.

  12. We will send payment by U.S. Mail, usually within two business days.
  13. Any items we don't purchase from you will be shipped back to you at our expense, fully insured, usually within two business days.