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Packing Instructions

Packing Your Equipment for Shipment

The value of equipment is partially determined by the condition of the equipment. Equipment damage which occurs during shipment can be easily avoided by: wrapping each individual item, picking an appropriate shipping box, properly padding the box interior, and using a reputable shipping company.

  • Wrap items individually. Please wrap each item with bubble wrap or some other clean, non-abrasive protective covering. Use tape to be sure that it doesn't become unwrapped in shipment (don't let the tape touch any part of the equipment).

    If you don't have bubble wrap, then you may use ordinary kitchen/plastic wrap around each item, and then wrap it again with newspaper for padding. Be sure to use sealing tape so that the item will not become unwrapped and damaged in shipment.

  • Pick an appropriate shipping box. The box should be strong, without rips, dented corners, or water damage. Make sure the box is large enough to hold all of the wrapped items and still have room for substantial padding around these items.

  • Pad the interior of the box well using bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, or tightly crumbled newspaper. Be sure that none of the items come in contact with the walls of the box. Be sure to put in enough padding so that items will not shift or move around inside the box. Don't forget to put padding on top! Shipping companies often stack the boxes, and you wouldn't want anything breaking through the top of the box.

  • Put in the box some identifying information. This would be piece of paper with your name, address, telephone number, and list of enclosed equipment and serial numbers. Keep a copy for insurance purposes in case the items are lost in shipment.

  • Seal the box using strong tape. Ideally, when you are done, the sides of the box will bulge just a little (from padding!). This means that items are unlikely to shift or move in transit. Please remove any other address or old shipping labels which may be on your box.

  • Lastly, use an reputable shipping company which provides insurance and package tracking. If we have sent you a prepaid shipping label, please fill it out correctly and completely, and use that shipping company. We usually send prepaid shipping labels for Federal Express. You'll need to provide an estimate of total package weight, in even pounds (e.g., 2 lbs, 4 lbs, 8 lbs)