Multiply the plans


A film is more interesting if there are several shots and different points of view. Avoid having the whole scene filmed in a fixed overall shot, it is boring for the viewer and yet this is the mistake that many beginners make. As you probably don’t have several cameras, you can ask the actors to play the scene several times, placing the camera in different places, and especially making shots of faces. 

Contribute or ask questions


Especially in the Open Source communities, members are very active and willing to answer questions. Still, try to search before asking your questions. This will potentially save you time, but it will also teach you not to keep coming back to the same problem.


Tech Inspirations


A vacuum cleaner robot for cleanliness

Connected devices

Cleaning is not a pleasant task and when you can avoid vacuuming, it is often a relief. That’s why the vacuum cleaner robot is so successful. Totally autonomous, often programmable, this object is ideal for those who do not have time to clean regularly. It is also ideal for pet owners or people with reduced mobility.