How to change widgets on iPhone with iOS 14 ?

Oct 19, 2021 | connected devices, news

An iPhone is a powerful tool that makes your life easier on a daily basis, it is a reliable smartphone, but it is also very fragile so don’t drop it on the floor! Constantly innovating, the widget interface has become a bit boring, the apps line up in an orderly fashion and if you have too many apps it can take a while to find one. With iOS 14 widgets you can customize the order of your apps and even your interface on your smartphone to save time.

Go to this link to discover lots of apps that will allow you to change your widgets:

How to change widgets on iPhone with iOS 14?

What is a widget?

When you unlock the screen of your iPhone, there are small icons that appear in a square with rounded corners. Notifications appear from time to time in the corner of these squares, especially when you receive a message. These widgets are available in several sizes (3 sizes) and give you access to a lot of other information! There are small, medium and large sizes. You can only fit 4 apps in large size on the iPhone screen, 8 apps in medium size and 16 in small size. When there is missing space additional information, other than notifications, is displayed especially on your weather app.

Adding widgets to your interface

It’s easy for anyone to add a widget, just press and hold an empty space in your iOS interface and then wait for the iPhone app to move automatically. This is when a plus symbol appears, click on it and a list of widgets will scroll down to show you which ones are available for the apps you have installed on your smartphone. Press the widget you have chosen and then select the size you want and press “Add widget” to add it to your home screen.

Is it possible to change the home screen on your iPhone?

On TikTok right now, some tiktokers are highlighting an app that allows you to totally change your iOS interface on your iPhone, it’s called Widgetsmith. This app allows you to change the order of the annoying apps that Apple provides. The release of iOS 14 has allowed many apps to customise your widgets to emerge. However, Widgetsmith has become the most popular in the influencer community but also for the unfamiliar. It has been at the top of the App Store charts for weeks! It offers almost unlimited choices for customising your home screen.

Widgetsmith allows you to have access to a multitude of widgets for all sectors, and after installation it will automatically generate widgets that may be of interest to you. These widgets are available for apps: weather, photos, calendar, health, etc. Some widgets are not free of charge, like weather or health, you will find more details about the subscriptions when installing the app. The price is not excessive especially considering how you can customize your widgets, no other app offers so many possibilities.

Change your app icons too

Once you’ve customised your widgets, you’ll probably want to change your app icons. The two complement each other and help create consistent, pleasing sets of icons as you scroll through your iPhone interface.

One way to customize your icons is to create them yourself, but this requires some graphic skills that not everyone has! There are other simpler solutions, such as using a service provider or finding icons on Etsy for example. When you are happy with the icons you have found, open the shortcuts app and press the plus sign and add an action. A few more steps, and you are almost there, go to scripting, open app and finally choose. After doing all that, select the app you want to modify and change its icon, press next, give your app a name and press finish. That’s it, your app is now fully customized, go to your interface to see the result.

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